Application Form

How to join ?

If you are interested in joining the Memorial Society of Nagakubo Sekisui, please send membership fee by postal transfer, or contact us from the inquiry form below. After payment is confirmed, we will send the materials for registration to the address you posted.



Members are doing the following activities;

  1. Collecting and summarizing Sekisui Nagakubo’s accomplishments.
  2. PR, lecture, exhibition and travel about Sekisui Nagakubo.
  3. Preservation management of historic sites of Sekisui Nagakubo.
  4. Promoting construction of the Sekisui Memorial Museum (tentative name).
  5. Other necessary businesses for 300th anniversary of Sekisui.


Membership fee

  1. Individual 3000 yen
  2. Cooperate or Organization 3000 yen

>> Constitution PDF



Application by postal transfer

Please transfer the membership fee by the transfer form provided at post offices. In the procedure, please be sure to specify your ① name, ② address, ③ phone number, ④ motivation for admission.

* Note that you have to owe the transfer fee in this case.


Membership fee payee

account number 00380 – 6 – 9573
account name The Memorial Society of Nagakubo Sekisui (長久保赤水顕彰会)


Application by inqury form

Please fill in the inquiry form below. We will send you a transfer form to the address.
(Transfer fee will be attributed to our memorial society.)
① name, ② address, ③ phone number, ④ motivation for admission.



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